Variety of Solutions

Hydration comes in many forms. Pepi provides bottled water, filtered water, jug water, and even ice to meet your needs.

Ultra-Purified Water

Pepi proudly offers Pure One and Innowave water purification systems for high-quality water you’ll appreciate each day.

Ice Machines

Ice machines can be leased from Pepi with three different models supplying ice in bulk or by the cup.


Keep your customers and employees safe and hydrated with Pure1 and Innowave water systems. These systems hook directly into a water line, eliminating plastic bottle waste. They are also self-filling and self-filtering, with no need to change out heavy water containers or find storage for replacement containers.

The Innowave system uses ultraviolet light to keep bacteria at bay and ensure your water is clean and healthy to drink. These machines can dispense hot or cold water, and both floor and countertop models are available.

The Pure1 Water System uses a special six-filter process that uses sediment, air and carbon filters, a reverse osmosis system, an automatic chlorinator and ultraviolet light to quickly and safely purify water.

We also offer traditional water systems by request. We provide water in 8, 16.9 and 20-ounce containers, 2.5 gallon and 5 gallon jugs, and in water coolers, all to ensure a cold, great-tasting glass of water is always close at hand.

Additionally, Pepi’s Ice Machine lease program conveniently complements our customers’ break room needs, as we clean, maintain and service the equipment and change filters on a scheduled basis. Lease terms can include three- or five-year agreements with maintenance as-needed or annually as the customer prefers.

Contact us today about a water solution for you!